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Competition «Starlet»

2019 Zvezdochka contest winners are determined

Zvezdochka contest organized for the purpose to attract skillful and talented hockey players to Sports School for Children and Youth of the Academy has started since March 1, 2019.

We received and checked more than 80 applications from the trainees willing to continue hockey training at Sports School for Children and Youth of Ak Bars Hockey Academy. Upon the results of off-site round 16 trainees were invited to Kazan to demonstrate technical and playing skills.

Expert Committee represented by managers and coaches of the Sports School for Children and Youth and specialists of the Hockey Academy reviewed on-site round participants from May 1 to May 20. The contest winner and prize winners were determined according to amount of scores received by every participant.

the 3rd place and prize – Zaryad hockey stick

  • Khramov Savlii Sergeevich

  • Shmuratov Murat Ilfatovich

the 2nd place and prize – BAUER skates

  • Kladov Georgii Vladimirovich

  • Nikiforov Vadim Andreevich

the 1st place and offer to continue hockey training at Sports School for Children and Youth of Ak Bars Hockey Academy system.

  • Ablaev Grigorii Alekseevich, born in 2007

Congratulations to the Contest winners and prize winners!

We wish the participants to scale new heights in sport and to have a successful hockey career!

For any questions related to participation in the contest, you may call the Ak Bars Hockey Academy at: (843) 222-58-03 (weekdays, from 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.) or using the form provided on the right side of this page.


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