Академия Хоккея Ак Барс
Questionnaire for parents

Please give your feedback on the results of 2018-2019 season

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Summer hockey training camp in Kazan.

Book the most suitable period:

July 1 – 5, July 8 - 12 , July 29 – August 2, August 21 - 25

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Keep up with the fashion!

Branded snapback in our web-store

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2019 Enrolment!

Submission of applications for 2019 Enrolment to Sports School for Children and Youth of the Hockey Academy is opened! Parents of boys born in 2013-2014 may book a place in pre-qualifying training sessions right now

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Первенство сборных команд федеральных округов U16. Комментарии после матча
Собрали комментарии тренеров и игроков после матчей первого игрового дня
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Robert Gainullin: My position is that there should not be more than five foreign players in any age group
The official season closing ceremony for trainees of Ak Bars Sports School for Children and Youth was held in the end of May.

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