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The Real Hockey Player - Who Is He?

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In April 2018, the Ice Hockey Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan approved the corporate professional standard of a hockey player, it contains a set of qualification requirements placed on a professional hockey player in Tatarstan.

This document was developed in consultation with the coaches of the sports school and the specialists of the Academy. In addition to work functions, the drafters of the professional standard described in detail the knowledge, skills and personal qualities that a real hockey player should have. According to the authors, this document should serve as a guide for coaches, parents and, of course, trainees of the Academy, whose task is to become competitive and highly-demanded in professional hockey.

All requirements set out in the Corporate professional standard can be divided into two types: general corporate and professional.

General corporate requirements are a set of qualities that a hockey player must demonstrate in relation to his Club and team, namely:

  • To be loyal to his Club. To demonstrate compliance with the rules and regulations established by the Club by personal example. To share the values of the Club, to put team goals above personal ones. To express openly and honestly his position in case of violation of the interests of the team or Club.

  • To strive to achieve maximum results in game and at each stage of the training process. To make additional efforts for the qualitative performance of the task. To be aware of his contribution to the achievement of team results. To put before himself and the team long-term goals that are shared by the majority of team members..

  • To support innovation. To develop new areas of knowledge, skills and methods of work in the interests of the Club. To show flexibility during the game or training process.

  • To share team goals and effectively organize team work to achieve them. To be aware of his role in the team and remain within the limits. To create an atmosphere of trust, mutual support and reliability. To make decisions based on the opinions of team members. To appreciate the achievements of the teammates.

  • To follow the generally accepted norms of communication. To express thoughts competently and structurally when interacting with the media or users in social networks. To be tactful and respectful towards the players and employees of his Club, rivals, fans, media workers and other persons in all situations and under all circumstances. To defend reasonably his point of view. To be able to debate taking into account the point of view of the other person. To build open and honest relationships with team partners, coaching staff, Club staff. To participate in marketing and other projects of the Club.

  • Strives to be a leader. To take responsibility for his decisions and actions. To inspire team players to achieve their goals. To be able to convince the team members, to be a leader for them and to make a positive impact on them.

  • To observe the fair play principles, To accept understandingly different worldview, lifestyle, behaviour and customs adopted in society. To show respect for the rules of the game and terms of competition. To demonstrate friendly sports behaviour towards rivals and other participants of the hockey match, including fans, representatives of other clubs, federations and media. To perceive adequately any outcome of the game, to be able to restrain his emotions.

  • To avoid using doping, alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances. To participate in activities aimed at the promotion of healthy and fair sports in the country. To realize his responsibility to the community, to be an example of moral behaviour.